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Alarm System Terminology

One of the biggest complaints I hear from customers is that they often do not understand the "alarm lingo" that is sometimes referenced in the manuals. As time permits I will add these terms here and a simple definition for each.


EOL: Stands for end of line resistor. The purpose of them is to supervise the line from possible tampering. Not from cuts as this will cause an alarm anyway, but rather shorting which would simulate a closed zone. Some systems provide an option if you want to use them or not such as DSC, others you have to use them. If you do use them they should be placed at your detection device and not in the panel box. They provide no protection there.

PARTITION: A partition is zone or group of zones that may be controlled independently (armed and disarmed) from any other group. If you have two partitions you basically have two separate systems. Partitions do share the siren output however.

ZONE: A zone is a single detection device or a group of detection devices connected to a single input on a system. It is generally recommended that each device be on it's own zone for the purpose of better identifying an alarm conditions location and for troubleshooting should you have a problem with a device. The exception to this is smoke detectors. Also multiple windows in a room are sometimes looped together on a zone.



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